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Al Salam Training Group

ATG Launchِ
In 2000, a group of ambitious academics has founded Al
Salam Training Centers Group to meet the needs of the local market. ATG is an
independent Palestinian Training Institution. ATG started its work by offering
training courses so as to practice and master the English language. A few years
later, it expanded its work to conjoin
other specializations that serve the local market such as Accounting,
Creative thinking, Management and Secretary. Today, ATG offers many

Our Goals

We believe we can deliver these ambitious goals.

• Providing quality and exclusive training
services in accordance with the highest standards of quality and keeping
abreast of everything new in the world of training.

• Gain the confidence of individuals and public and private institutions and
work to improve their performance in all fields.

Our Services

v English Training Courses.

v Translation Services.

v Effective Communications skills.

v English Training for kids (different programs).


v Pre-IELTS Course

v Delivering Placement Tests (Paper-based and Online).

v International Designer.

v Computer skills courses.

v International Secretary.

v  International Accountant.

v  Writing proposals 

Our Scope of Work-Programs

- English language programs

         1- Advanced English language program 12 levels.
        2- Speak Now Program (Speaking)
       3- Cambridge for Kids Program

       4- Cambridge for Juniors Program

       5- Winter Camp for Kids

       6- Communication skills

       7- Other English short specialized programs.


- International Accounting Program.
- International Designer Program

- Computer skills courses.

- Modern Secretarial Program.

- Writing Projects Proposals 

Our Partnerships

• Al-Aqsa University
• Al-Quds Open University
• University of Palestine 
• College of Science and Technology
• Palestine Technical College
• Palestinian Ministry of Health
• Association of Palestinian Accountants and Auditors Syndicate 
• Smart Media Foundation
• National Center for Community Rehabilitation
• Municipality of Gaza
• General Federation of the Disabled Palestinia