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Speak Now

Speak Now

The conversation is the most important English language skills. At ATG, we are the sole agent Cambridge Training College in Palestine to offer an intensive three-level conversation program focusing on listening and conversation skills using the best training in terms of environment, material and training activities.

This program is ideal for improving all aspects of oral communication. The listening skills are also developed for the trainee so that he can better follow up and participate in the conversations, as well as develop the skills of the trainee by representing roles, debates and discussions.

Overall Objective:

Enabling trainees to deal with the community in English and in areas that require fluent and professional English communication.


• Language training in an easy and interesting manner, learning the proper pronunciation of letters, pronunciation of words and important language reformers.

• Helping everyone in the workplace to acquire the skills required in English as well as the ability of employers to deal easily with applicants for interviews in English.

• Help to support and encourage free conversation.

• Practical application of theoretical aspects.

Program Features:

• Trainee is subject to field training (internal - external) simulates the reality during the period of study program.

• Professional Palestinian and foreign training teams.

• Modern training curriculum (Speak Now)

• Subjecting candidates to the exam for the ability to sort them at the appropriate level for them.

• Advanced training methods.

• The trainee receives a certificate from the Cambridge Training College after successfully completing the program.

• Each trainee undergoes a final placement test to measure skills and ability to speak.

Target group:

The program targets the following categories:

• Employees in senior positions and academic posts in addition to businessmen.

• Students wishing to attend foreign missions in countries where English is the mother tongue.

• Those wishing to use English in everyday life, such as travel and shopping, and who wish to develop conversational skills in English in general and who have a good knowledge of English.

Teaching methods:

• Training materials (visual, audible).

• Interactive working groups and activities.

• Provide selected topics by trainers and presented by trainees in an interactive manner.

• Exiting to apply what is being studied outside the training site (practical exercises) to break the barrier of fear in dealing with the external environment.

• Dealing with foreign trainers who do not speak Arabic.

• Gradually focus on interpretation skills and techniques.